Magnetic photo paper Mat A4

PLN3.38 brutto / A4

3.38 zł netto / A4

Thickness:   0,26mm
Width:   210mm
Length:   297mm
Finish:   Mat
Quantity in a box:   200pcs (4x50)
Box weight:   9,5kg

The price is for 1pc (A4 format)

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We offer photo paper with a magnetic backing.

It allows you to print your own, unique graphics using an office printer.

Main features:

●Mat finish guarantees impressive print quality and deep color saturation.
●The magnetic layer adheres to any metal surface.
●Quick drying- the ink does not smudge when touched after printing.
●Cutting posibilities using scissors or a knife to any form while maintaining magnetic properties.
●The material is 0,26mm thick and has sufficient stiffness to allow printing on office equipment.
●Compatible with all types of inkjet printers.


■Pictures and souvenirs
■Organizers, task plans, calendars, lists
■Toys for children (puzzles)
■Decorations, gifts

Magnetic photo paper meets European REACH standards, in particular EN71-3 regarding the migration of certain chemical elements. Our foil is produced with the use of environmentally friendly recycling materials in accordance with EN71RoHS and ASTM standards. Quality certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 are implemented in the production.

Documents available on request.