Magnetic sheeting adhesive 0,6mm

PLN28.57 brutto / mb

28.57 zł netto / mb

Thickness:   0,6mm
Width:   610mm
Length:   30m
Attraction force:   ≥ 23g/cm²

We offer a service of cutting into formats and laminating.

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Make your products magical with our PERMAG magnetic foil.
Strong, durable, safe and flexible magnetic material is designed for maximum versatility and reliability.

The main application is: promotional and decorative materials, toys, magnetic boards, etc.

PERMAG film is used for all types of consumer, commercial and industrial applications.

Our PERMAG magnetic films are available in many surface finishes.
The following foil is available for sale:
-uncoated (plain),
-with a layer of high-quality acrylic glue,
-with PVC laminate in white, red, blue, yellow, green,
-with any PVC self-adhesive foil. (available on request).

The process of producing magnetic foil consists in composing a powder with magnetic properties with synthetic rubber.

This type of magnet, called a magnetic foil, is highly flexible, resistant to corrosion, and has the

properties of a permanent magnet.

It is an attractive carrier of visual advertising. The graphics displayed with it, e.g. on cars, allow it to be applied and removed multiple times without damaging the paintwork.

Magnetic foil enables complex and repeatable shapes to be obtained, avoiding expensive machining. It can be cutextrudeddrilled with the use of basic tools such as: a knife, scissorspunch, but it retains its magnetic properties.

PERMAG film meets European REACH standards, in particular EN71-3 regarding the migration of certain chemical elements. Our foil is produced with the use of environmentally friendly recycling materials in accordance with EN71RoHS and ASTM standards. Quality certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 are implemented in the production.

Documents available on request.